MLS is a great foundation for bettors who want to get into the game. Here’s our list of top 10 facts about this popular North American soccer league:

  • Major League Soccer Betting Guide for 2022The MLS is divided into two conferences, the Eastern and Western. This was done to mirror how most nationally-based sports leagues operate with their respective geographical areas for play; i..e., teams in California are placed within that state’s league rather than having access across country like other states do (i.e., New York).
  • In the 2020 season of Major League Soccer, there are 13 teams in each conference.
  • The teams in this league play every other team from their own conference both at home and away. They also face cross-conference opponents, making for a busy schedule!
  • Congratulations! You have won three points for a win and one point each time your team ties.
  • The top team in each conference will receive a bye into the semi-finals of MLS playoffs.

    Major League Soccer Betting Guide for 2022

  • The winners of the two Conference playoff finals are taking a step closer to MLS Cup.
  • The Conference semi-finals and finals will now only require one match to be played instead of two ties.
  • The use of extra-time and penalties in MLS playoff matches has been a hot topic. Teams are now using these methods to gain an advantage on their opponent, much like the Championship League did last season with its penalty shootouts after two 15 minute periods have expired without anyone scoring (a match lasts 45). So what do you think? Fairly standard practice or something that should be changed going forward. An interesting article about how sports such as soccer utilize innovative ideas from other industries like basketball does when it comes down deciding winners afterall Abu Dhabi 2005 !
  • The MLS playoff rule that allows for an away goals victory to be scored has been removed.

What kinds of wagers are there that prove popular with gamblers? The most frequently used odds types for Major League Soccer betting in Canada include: -Point Spreads (lines) -Money Line(+/-)-Odds implies vig percentage; KO means “kicking” which means no line has been posted yet so it’s up to you whether this bet pays off if your selection wins by less than 1 goal but not more ; 2nd Career includes players who played at least one game last season.